Hungarian CSR MarketPlace Award

The following Awards were presented during the Award Ceremony of the Hungarian CSR MarketPlace 2011:

Main Awards

Best CSR Solution of 2011 Award

ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ-MÁSZ Company Group: Energy Saving - Energy School Program


Truly Responsible Enterprise of 2011 Award

MagNet Hungarian Community Bank


Special Awards

SME Special Award: Titbit Family-friendly Restaurant (Ízlelő Családbarát Étterem)


Volunteering Special Award: Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd.


Environmentally Conscious Management Special Award: Skanska Property Hungary Ltd.


Public Choice Award: University of Szeged Congress Centre: Green Commando


Based on the visitors’ votes the 2nd best solution is the MAVIR Hungarian Transmission System Operator Company Ltd.’s project named: Bird Conservation Along the Transmission Line Network, and the 3rd best practice is Holcim Hungária Home Foundation's home building programme.



The applications will be evaluated by an independent jury of experts and corporate specialists nominated by KÖVET. Only applications selected by the Jury will be able to be exhibited at the CSR Marketplace on the 2nd of June 2011. KÖVET gives feedbacks to applicants about the selected case studies one month prior to the event.

Members of Hungarian CSR MarketPlace 2011 Jury

BODA Zsolt, 41, has a Degree in Economics and a PhD in Political Sciences. He works for the Political Sciences Institute at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as a Senior Researcher and Head of the Department. He also teaches Business Ethics at Corvinus University in Budapest. He is a guest lecturer at several European universities. His research is focused on the topics of Global Governance, Environmental Politics, and Business Ethics. He was the co-editor of the first book in Hungarian on the topic of business ethics, and his book on global ecopolitics received the Kolnay Award (the Hungarian award for the best Political Science publication of the year). He is an active member of several Hungarian green movements, and founder and member of Védegylet’s management team.

BÖSZÖRMÉNYI NAGY Gergely, 27, campaign specialist. He is a specialist in political and social communication and Corporate Social Responsibility. He studied in Székesfehérvár, Budapest and Krakow in the field of International Studies. He is one of the founders of Nézőpont Intézet (Perspective Institution) and now leads the political marketing, public affairs and CSR advisory services. In 2009 he was an advisor to American and one year later Hungarian political campaigns. Since 2010 he has been working for the Secretary of State responsible for Government Communication in the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice where he is responsible for campaign and media planning and marketing communication. 

FÓRIS Ferenc, 49, is the operations manager of the Hungarian State Motorway Management Company Ltd.. He graduated at the Hungarian University of Horticultural and Food Industry, than received a qualification as marketing specialist. He is a Quality and Environmental Management auditor as well.  He has been working as a corporate manager for twenty years. He has established and implemented many quality and environmental management systems as well as motivation and performance evaluation systems,and has written numerous sustainability reports. He is a specialist in the development of corporate management systems and controlling of business processes


F. TÓTH András, 37, graduated as a school-teacher and social politician. His work is focused on the development of Hungarian volunteering. Formerly he was the program manager of the project enhancing the development of the Hungarian volunteering within the NIOK Foundation. He has also been the chairman of the Youth Action for Peace international organisation. He was a member of the National Committee co-ordinating the International Year of Volunteers (2001). He has been working as the executive manager of the Volunteer Centre Foundation since its establishment. He was delegated to the European Year of Volunteering 2011 Body by The Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice.


MATOLAY Réka is an economist and adjunct of the Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Business Economics, Department of Decision Sciences. She has been teaching and developing subjects such as business ethics, sustainability, CSR and social enterprise for twelve years at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her research is focused on the interpretations, tendencies and appearance of CSR. In her Ph.D. dissertation she analyses industry legitimacy strategies which introduce controversially appraised technologies or products. Moral features of individual decision-making and ethical tools are the focus of her work at the University.


PETRIK Ida graduated from the University of Technology and Economics of Budapest as an engineering economist, specialized in environmental management. Later she graduated as an economist as well and she received a qualification in business ethics. She was project manager of the first Hungarian CSR Marketplace. She has been working for KOVET since 2003 and now she is on maternity leave with her 19 month old son. She lives in Balatonfüred with her family. She is interested in sustainable rural development, local economies, CSR and human factors.



TÓTH Gergely, 41, is the Secretary General of KOVET and professor at the Georgikon Faculty at Pannon University, and author of the ‘The Truly Responsible Enterprise’ (2007). After living in Budapest, the capital city, for 12 years, he decided to move near the Balaton with his wife and five children to lead a more sustainable life, while relying on local resources only. He believes that personal relationships, a localized life and the “Bionomy Theory”, which combines these components, will solve today’s social, economic and environmental crisis. He enjoys sports and writing.



tl_files/csrpiac/2011/Szavazas.jpgPublic Choice Award

Visitors of the CSR MarketPlace 2011 will also have the opportunity to evaluate the exhibited solutions. At the Awarding Ceremony the Public Choice Award will also be handed over based on the visitors’ votes.



The Jury’s Evaluation Criteria

CSR solution category

Novelty: The novelty of the presented measure to other companies


Adaptability: Is it easy for other organizations to implement the presented measure? Does it constitute a good example for them?


Practicality: Is the presented measure a permanent fixture in the organization? Has it become embedded throughout the organization? Is it an integral part of organizational culture?


Stakeholder Participation: Does the presented project satisfy real stakeholder’s demands? Did the relevant stakeholders participate?


Sustainability of the Effects: Does the presented measure make demonstrable progress towards sustainability?

The Truly Responsible Enterprise category


The organization’s real commitment to CSR principles and the possibility of implementing them in the light of existing facilities. 

Is the presented case an innovative and mission-lead solution?


Level and Expansion of Settlement

To what extent does responsibility permeate the organization’s values and operations?

Is the given practice deep-rooted and embedded and is it expected to remain as such even in changing conditions?

Is the practice visible and easily available to stakeholders and can it inspire other organizations? 


Measurability of the Effects

How concrete or, at least perceptible, are the outcomes of the initiative?

What quantitative information is available on the initiative?

Can the effects of the operation be measured (not just from a financial perspective)?