Call for entries

KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies is now organizing CSR MarketPlace for the third time – which has been very popular in several European countries for many years – at the same time the winners of the national contest for the European CSR Award are announced.


What is CSR Marketplace?

CSR MarketPlace is an initiative started by CSR Europe in 2005, which provides an informal environment to share the best practices of corporate social responsibility. The main attraction of CSR MarketPlace is the opportunity it gives to exchange experiences: there are stands in the marketplace, where the enterprises can exhibit their innovative and exemplary CSR solutions to the stakeholders including business practitioners, who will be able to get to know relevant solutions to their problems and will learn about new ideas. The all-day exhibition will include lectures from esteemed Hungarian and foreign experts, professional workshops and roundtable discussions.

The first ever pan-European Award Scheme to inspire CSR excellence is launching in 2013; we expect innovative and influential projects realised with a non-business partner in this category. The European CSR Award in Hungary will be presented on the day of CSR MarketPlace, after the shortlisted enterprises present their projects in the frame of an open workshop.

The solutions exhibited at CSR MarketPlace will be selected from the applicants’ best practices by an expert jury invited by the KÖVET Association. The exhibited cases will be compiled and published in a printed catalogue – issued specifically for CSR MarketPlace 2013 – and made available online at the website:



Which organizations can participate? How to apply?

All domestic companies and organisations are eligible to participate. Besides the usual categories of the CSR MarketPlace – Best CSR Solutions and Truly Responsible Enterprise –, the European CSR Award has two other categories in which you can participate: small and large enterprises. For more information on the European CSR Award please click here.

The participation is valid only after submitting a letter of intent. Please use only our form to indicate your intention to participate. All entries have to be submitted with their own letter of intent. The final deadline for the submission of the letter of intents to Zsuzsanna Győri PhD at  – is midnight, 30th January 2013.

Then the application form has to be completed, which gives a brief description of the CSR solutions realised at the organisation: the problems, their solutions, and the difficulties and advantages experienced. The application form has to be sent to Zsuzsanna Győri PhD, KÖVET Association, at by 21st February 2013.


Participation fees

The application does not have particular participation fee.


However, with the application par-ticipants undertake that if their best practices are selected for the exhibition by the jury, they will attend the CSR Marketplace as an exhibitor and pay the exhibition fee.

Exhibition fee

The jury will decide which enterprises can be present at the exhibition – with their practices and projects.&

Exhibition fees:
  • Large enterprises: HUF 300 000 + VAT
  • Small enterprises (less than 50 employees): HUF 100 000 Ft + VAT
  • KÖVET Association ensures 50% discount for its member.
  • AmCham, BCCH, HBLF members are entitled to a 20% discount.
  • Combination of discounts is not allowed.

The exhibition fee includes:

·         exhibition stand at the CSR MarketPlace 2013 event;

·         full participation of 3 people at the CSR MarketPlace event;

·         publication of the case study in the printed catalogue (including page setting and graphic work) and in the online CSR database. Maximum 10 copies of the catalogue per company are available (on demand).


1. CSR Solutions

2. Truly Responsible Enterprise (TRE)


For the CSR best practices we are especially looking for concrete, exemplary solutions, preserving the spirit of European CSR MarketPlaces. With the Truly Responsible Enterprise category, our aim – just like in 2009 and 2011 – is to call attention for the deep interpretation of CSR, the real corporate social responsibility.


1. CSR Solutions category

We expect the most appropriate, innovative and most excellent realised programs and initiatives from any field of the CSR, which can be exemplary for other companies. Application areas can be very diverse, such as: transparency, civil-corporate co-operation, stakeholder dialogue, equal opportunities, responsible investments, responsible supply chain, responsible marketing and communication, responsibility in the public sector, environmental protection, work-life balance, health and safety at the workplace, product development and innovation, corporate volunteering; and we expect success stories from other areas too. We would also like to call your attention to the fact that if a solution was realised with a non-business partner, then it is advised to submit an entry for the European CSR Award (too).

2. Truly Responsible Enterprise (TRE)1 category

If there are such characteristic features in your company as it is shown in the second column of the following table, please do not hesitate to share it with us and with the interested colleagues. We are glad if you provide us numbers and formalized programmes, but we do not insist on them, so the form can be story or anecdote as well!


We expect real stories, case studies; description of processes that represent the movement from being a traditional company towards the direction of a truly responsible enterprise. We are curious about the people behind the process as well: who read the book containing the model? What do they think about it? What did they do to help with the implementation?


   Traditional Enterprise Truly Responsible Enterprise
Transport Transport distances matter only in the light of cost; the aim is cheap supplies and the largest possible market. Transport burden is to be minimized, long distance deliveries only when absolutely justified. Endeavours for local sourcing and marketing.
Justice Achieving it is not a duty of the company but of the state, churches and public organizations. Efficiency is the main target, via producing cheaper and better quality products.
Although the main purpose is not enhancing fairness, the company cannot increase unfairness with its actions. Fair trade, remuneration and working conditions.
Economism The concept is incomprehensible. Partakers in economy naturally aspire to economy. There is a clear difference between economy and overwrought economism. Economy is an important condition, but not a first aim.
Size The objective is growth – at all costs. Competitiveness and marketability grow along at the same rate. According to the dictates of the economy of size relative costs decrease with growth.  You either tread or are tread upon. An annually increasing income is needed. The objective is the optimal size. Overgrowth is just as dangerous as being dwarfed. We need to find our place in the market and the rate of our continually upkeepable output. Income is needed to be stable in the long run, not necessarily increasing.
Product We produce whatever is marketable. Anything not forbidden by law is allowed. Active increase of market demands for our product is compulsory. We seek products and procedures fitting into a sustainable world. Not everything that’s allowed is right. We satisfy real needs taking on competition, but do not create demands.


1 You can read more details on this concept in “The Truly Responsible Enterprise”. Available at KÖVET, several bookstores (e.g. Alexandra), and downloadable for free: Hungarian and English version.


What is worth submitting?

1. Achievements and success stories about businesses, which are worth to be known and adapted by others.

2. Innovative initiatives and best practices, that the company is proud of and would like to show them to the stakeholders in a special way:

  • initiatives with high added-value for the company’s internal and external stakeholders;
  • solutions for the company’s temporary or long-term challenges; and
  • demonstration of the fact that investments into CSR return.

3. For the European CSR Award: innovative and influential collaborations between business and non-business partners. For more information on the exact conditions and evaluation criteria of the European CSR Award please click here.


How and who will evaluate the entries?

The entries received will be evaluated by an independent jury of experts and business professionals invited by KÖVET. This jury will choose the organisations which can exhibit their solutions to the public at CSR MarketPlace on 18th April 2013. The selected exhibitors will be notified by 21st March 2013.

More info about the members of the jury on the regularly updated website:

Selection criteria:

  1. Relevance: the solution to a problem affects many people.
  2. Innovation: including from the point of view of the process of implementation and the results.
  3. Applicability: can be easily adapted to other situations and sectors.


The entries in the two categories will be evaluated separately by the jury, so two main awards will be presented: the Truly Responsible Enterprise Award 2013 and the Best CSR Solution Award 2013.

As we would like to encourage and share small enterprises’ often hidden but exemplary CSR solutions, the best small enterprise tender will be rewarded with a Small Enterprise Special Award.

In the field of environmental protection the Environmental Management Special Award will be granted.

The Hungarian winners (small and large enterprise category) of the European CSR Award will be able to exhibit their projects at the European CSR Award Ceremony in Brussels in June 2013.

The visitors will also evaluate the exhibitors at CSR MarketPlace, based on their votes a Public Choice Award will be granted.

The awards will be handed out at the CSR MarketPlace Award Ceremony on 18th April 2013.




What do I need to do if I want to submit an application?

As a first step, please fill out the letter of intent, in which you indicate your intention to participate in the contest and the category you enter.  The final deadline for the submission of the letter of intent is 30th January 2013. The letter should be sent to Zsuzsanna Győri PhD at KÖVET Association via email:

To apply, you have to complete the appropriate application form. The application forms can be downloaded in English and Hungarian at (CSR MarketPlace 2013/ Call for entries/ Apllication forms menu item).

The final deadline for the submission of the entries is 21st February 2013. The entries should be sent to Zsuzsanna Győri PhD at KÖVET Association via email:


Important information:

  • The CSR initiatives submitted for CSR Marketplace 2009 and 2011 can be re-submitted in case they have been developed since then.
  • Each organisation can apply in all relevant categories and with more case studies (but maximum 4 CSR solutions).
  • The CSR solutions presented at the event will be made available on the website of the CSR MarketPlace, where, together with the initiatives presented in 2009 and 2011, there are available in English and Hungarian.
  • If there is a possibility at your organization, we encourage you to send the application form both in Hungarian and in English, so that through CSR Europe and its National Partner Network, whole Europe can get to know the Hungarian CSR best practices.

More Information

If you need more information, please visit the regularly updated website of the program (, and please do not hesitate to contact KÖVET team members:




Truly Responsible Enterprise category

TÓTH Gergely, Secretary General

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CSR Solutions category, European CSR Award

Zsuzsanna Győri PhD, CSR expert, +36 1 473 2290


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